Coreno DOC

Coreno DOC


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The Coreno wine is a blend of two autochthon varieties from Tuscany, Trebbiano and Malvasia originating from old vineyards aged more than 50 years.
The age of the vines confers to this wine a great complexity and character, Coreno is an elegant wine, very long in the mouth and with mineral and sapid final.
The nose is rich and articulated with an excellent balance between fruity and floral notes. The old vines express the particularity of the terroir resulting in a very mineral and complex wine, the fermentation in barrel makes this white elegant and at the same time intense and full-bodied.
The blend is composed of 80% Trebbiano barrel-fermented and 20% Malvasia vinified in stainless of aging in a bottle before being emitted on the market.

Area of origin: Municipality of Sarteano (SI)
Height above sea level: 360-380 metres a.s.l.
Soil: clavey-silty and pebbly
Planting density: old vines 3×0,90 m, 5,000 stems x ht
Growing system: cordon
Harvesting period: first half of October
Yield per hectare: 4,000 kg of grapes
Vinification: partly fermented in barrel, the most remains “sul lies” for 5 months, the wine undergoes then an aging period in a bottle for 3 months
Total Acidity: 6,90 g/l